About Us


SuSu Studio is pioneering new methods of introducing modest fashion to online shopping world. Founded in the capital of Minnesota in 2016, in order to meet fashion needs and wants for locals and the socially conscious. SuSu Studio is now an outlet and resource to the modest fashion world both locally and online. We pride ourselves in perfectly balancing style with comfort with all of our designs to allow any woman to feel modest and fashionable. Modest style or M-Style is the new trend being lead by SuSu Studio.


SuSu Studio truly believes that there is demand for a section of fashionable clothing that is not being met. Not all clothing are the same, just like not all people will have the same taste in clothing. It started as a dream, a dream in building a brand and a company where the taste in clothing isn’t limited by choice of clothing available. SuSu Studio is where modesty meets options and endless fashion styles are introduce to every individual. Self-identification is characteristics and qualities that are important and how the world perceives you. Your clothing is part of your identity and we are here to help you express yourself. At SuSu Studio, Fashion equals more choice in clothing, making M-Style endless! Welcome to SuSu Studio